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Why Splurging On College Spring Break is Worth It

Looking back on my previous months of March, I was usually packing for a college spring break trip down south right now. I normally looked like:

Now I’m partaking on a trip down memory lane, wondering if it was worth it to spend $500+ a year in PCB. Was it? 100%. Today I’m teaming up with Chloe from The Basics to tell you why you should or should not splurge on a college spring break trip!

Normally, I am the fiscally responsible friend. In college I had both an internship and a job (bartending) and I used any extra pennies for bills! I started a side gig monogramming so I could make ends meet. I always found a way, though, to start saving for a room at The Summit in Panama City. The third week in March for THREE years in a row, me and my gals occupied a room next to Spinnakers on the beach.

If I’m so financially responsible, why would I spend money on Spring Break?

College Spring Break is unlike anything else. The first year I was skeptical. After my little SUV broke down in Montgomery, Alabama (oh yes, we drove 21 hours ALL THREE YEARS), I was taking Chloe’s side. Luckily, that problem was solved and the rest of the week was spent having the time of my life.

Spring Break is unlike any other time, one reason being the crazy people you meet. I bonded with so many students not only from my school, but from ALL over the nation. Being a Tri Delt helped make friends, but just being friendly walking all over the beach was an adventure.

Sun, drinks and beach clubs cannot be found elsewhere! You may take an all-inclusive fam trip, but it’s not the same as filling up your Bubba keg with your BFFs and soaking up rays while Luke Bryan plays on a stage next to you.

The drive was almost the most worth it part. It’s more than just a trip, it’s bonding with your friends and making unforgettable memories. When I look back on my college years, I don’t remember sitting in class. I don’t remember dining hall food. I don’t remember the bars (LOL), I remember the trips and the memories I made with my friends that I wouldn’t have been able to do any other time in my life.

Being an adult has made me realize the amount of freedom I had in college. I had all the time in the world. I can’t take a week off now and there’s 0% chance if I could that all my girl friends could take the same time off! College Spring Break is your chance to travel with your friends worry-free and stress-free.

So, while I’m spending my third week of March at my desk, starring out at Omaha, Nebraska, I hope you’ve got your bags packed and are heading somewhere with your girl friends. Splurging on College Spring Break is worth it.

Want to hear the other side of the story? Check out Chloe’s post here.

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  • Reply Kylie

    Ahh! I totally forgot about your car breaking down! I feel so bad – we passed you on the highway and then a couple hours later I think you texted me! The Summit though…good times! lol

    March 28, 2017 at 9:55 pm
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