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Spring Broke: Easy Ways To Save Money This Spring

With spring officially here yesterday, I’ve been reminiscing about past spring breaks. As a new homeowner I’m “spring broke” this year – times have changed! I’ve been watching my budget more closely recently, and I’ve been pretty successful at cutting costs. Since a lot of you are in a similar phase of life, here are my easy ways to save money this spring.

  1. Try a grocery service where you order online. I shared on Instagram stories my Hy-Vee Aisles Online experience last week. I’m someone who even when I take a list to the grocery store, I end up overspending and buying a lot of “snack” items I don’t need. This completely prevented that. Seeing your end spending numbers as you place items in your online cart really helped me budget. It also helped me choose items that earned me fuel saver points! There is a $2.95 fee for ordering online – but it’s worth it when they load the items in your car and you don’t have anything you didn’t actually need.
  2. Spring clean your closet. I’ve been putting items on Poshmark the past few weeks and making a little additional income. I live by the rule “if you haven’t worn it in a year, you’re not going to wear it again”, and I’ve been keeping this in check. My goal is to post 3 items a week.
  3. Clean your pantry. Apparently there was couple that did this and they lived for, like, a year. I am guilty of having a full freezer of food I could eat – and a stocked pantry. Try cooking with items you already have. Here’s a website where you can search for recipes by listing what you already have in your kitchen.
  4. Use any gift cards you have. When you’re determining where to go eat with your friends, pick by what you’ve got gift cards for.
  5. Cut out extra expenses. I just cut out my golf club membership entirely for 2018. If you don’t use Hulu or use Netflix more, unsubscribe. If you pay monthly for something silly on iTunes you no longer need (I need to delete the CBS app…), unsubscribe. If you aren’t really using your gym membership and the weather is getting warmer, cancel it for now.
  6. Take advantage of deals if you like to go out. You have probably seen me obsess over my MoviePass every other day. If you’re someone who likes to see movies at the theatre, see if you can save by purchasing something like MoviePass. It’s just $7.95 a month (I paid annually), and you can see unlimited movies. If you really like to go out to eat, think of getting a Passport card. For a yearly fee, you can get buy one-get one free meals at a lot of restaurants.
  7. Go to the library instead of buying books on your Kindle, iPad, etc. I am a huge proponent for public libraries. I don’t think they get used enough. When I moved back to Fremont, I was completely surprised to find that our public library had all of the new books I was looking for. I’m always on my Goodreads app, and I just pull it up when I’m searching for books and find the top few on my list each month!
  8. Cut your heating costs. I live in an older home, and I just bought a programable thermostat. I’m learning to sleep in colder temps. The book I just read recommended you sleep in 63-65 degrees. Since programming my morning/day/night temps, I’m saving over $50 a month!

Don’t go spring broke. Implement any of the above – or, I’d love to hear how you’re saving money this spring!

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