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Resumes + Free Fillable Template with Jessica



Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve got a big post this evening that I’m stoked about. As many of you know, I’m incredibly career focused. I have held business internships since my senior year of high school (Thanks to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce 🙂 ). I think because competition is one of my Gallup top strengths, I’ve always been goal-driven and wanted to be a step above the rest of the crowd when it comes to my career.

One of the easiest ways to separate yourself from your competition is through your resume. Using applicable adjectives (cohesive with what’s used in a job description), having your personal profile in a first paragraph (what’s in your LinkedIn bio or what’s your elevator speech) and using a modern layout can really give you the upper hand.

With college gals applying for spring and summer internships or full time positions, Jessica Conrad and I wanted to make things easier than ever for you to get a killer position.

Want these free fillable PDFs to create your resume? Just enter your email address for free access!

To download version with initial on lefthand side:

To download version with peach bar at top:



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