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One Room Challenge: Main Floor Bathroom Makeover – Week 4

Week 4 of the One Room Challenge is here! I’m getting anxious to finish but also a bit nervous! This week had less progress than I envisioned, so I’m afraid I may not finish things up in six weeks. If I don’t finish, I’ll still keep posting for you. This is going to be a HUGE transformation – I guess good things take time!

If you’re new here, you can see all of my home renovation posts here. This includes the first three weeks of progress.

Just like last week, you can view other ORC guest participants on their blog here. Be sure to check out the Featured Designers and the guests – I’m loving viewing all of the bathroom transformations for inspiration.

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Like I mentioned, this week was a bit slower. I had to have the city inspectors visit and sign off on both the plumbing and electrical. These pieces had more work (and money) than I initially planned for. The plumbers actually ended up completely redoing the pipes in the bathroom, including the drain pipe through my house (connecting the three bathrooms). I had the electricians swap the outlet locations. Originally, I had one switch by the door for the ceiling light and one switch by the toilet for the vent fan. They updated the wiring so the switches are together by the door and installed another outlet on the other side of the future mirror. It’s going to look so much more modern, and it’s aways great to have multiple bathroom outlets!

A big point of progress for Week 4 was the addition of insulation. My dad put insulation on the ceiling/wall by the sunroom and this was also inspected and approved. What was once a window is now filled in and gone – very excited!

I’m ready to get this stuff out of my hallway 🙂 This is my toilet and other materials… just waiting for us to keep going!

That’s it for Week 4. Next week Wednesday the drywall installers are coming and after that, we’ll finish the paint and be able to start the floor!

Be sure to follow along on Instagram @mpronspies for more photos and behind the scenes stories! And, don’t forget to check out the 20 Featured Designers and the other Guest Participants in the ORC!

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