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One Room Challenge: Main Floor Bathroom Makeover – Week 3

Week 3 AKA halfway through the One Room Challenge is here! The progress in just three weeks has me so excited. As I mentioned in my first post, I ordered a custom vanity, and it’s here! Because the space is gutted I can’t put it in yet, but I’m excited to have an updated 48″ vanity (before it was 42) with more drawer space.

Just like last week, you can view other ORC guest participants on their blog here. Be sure to check out the Featured Designers and the guests – the transformations are really starting to show!

Right now, the entire space is gutted. The plumbers came on Monday and adjusted the pipes (as mentioned in this post my home was built in 1927 and there wasn’t originally a shower in this bathroom, just a tub) so that a tub shower can be installed and have great water pressure. It’s going to be amazing to have a new shower with lots of little shelves built-in. They also moved the toilet functions over a bit towards the wall, giving me more space for my larger vanity. I know I’m in my mid-20’s because getting a new toilet is one of the most exciting parts!

I have noticed most new bathrooms are opting out of toilet paper holders on the wall/side of vanity, so I’m going to omit one as well and have a standing holder. We removed where mine was previously (in the wall) during the gut.

Next, the block window came out! * Amen *

I decided to close this off because it goes into my sunroom and is super pointless… We’ll insulate/drywall over where it was and in the sunroom fix the spot by putting a square chalk-paint frame. I think it’s actually going to add to the space nicely. I love to host friends for game nights in the sunroom, so it’s ideal for writing our scores on or posting a “GBR” Husker message!

I also made the decision to do a shower curtain instead of doors. I think doors would make the space feel smaller. I’m also doing a LOT of white – all white walls, vanity, tub, etc. so it will be fun to pick an accent color.

That’s it for Week 3. Next week we’ll finish the drywall, paint, and be able to start the floor! Be sure to follow along on Instagram @mpronspies for more photos and behind the scenes stories! And, don’t forget to check out the 20 Featured Designers and the other Guest Participants in the ORC!

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