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One Room Challenge: Main Floor Bathroom Makeover – Week 2

Woo! I’ve made it to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge for my main floor bathroom makeover and I haven’t had anything crazy happen. I was worried about a few things – thankfully, everything has gone smooth!

Just like last week, you can view other ORC guest participants on their blog here. I love seeing before and after posts!

On April 4, I showed you my inspiration and starting point in this post. This week, we focused on demo.

First, all of the tan tile was removed. There was a green kind of imprinted tile underneath. Wouldn’t be my color choice! Really, though, nothing in this bathroom was my color choice 🙂 I’d say it’s the last wallpaper in my house, but I have an entry way with a bit!

Here’s all of the tile removed. Time to remove the vanity and start knocking down walls!

And… that’s what was behind the vanity. It’s like St. Patrick’s Day blasted onto the bathroom. Green carpet and green tile. Wondering if it’s original or when it’s from?

We started wall demo – fun to see what’s underneath in an old house. I can’t wait to get the block window out and have a full shower!

That’s it for Week 2. Next week we’ll finish the demo, remove the block window, and start on drywall. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @mpronspies for more photos and behind the scenes stories! And, don’t forget to check out the 20 Featured Designers and the other Guest Participants in the ORC!

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