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October Book Review

Let’s start out by sharing that I think a good book can completely change your daily mood. I get completely lost in whatever I’m reading. I love to spend 15 minutes at night before bed or 15 minutes when I wake up having some quality time with a book.

I wanted to start a blog series on my monthly books. One of my favorite bloggers, Shay Shull, has a monthly book review I’ve been reading for a few years and it inspired me to share my reads with you!

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The first book I read was from The Culper Ring Series. The series is about those close to the President and what’s happening behind the scenes. A lot of the the history aspects are true, but the drama is intense. I’d give this novel 4/5 stars 🙂

Best For: Reading before bed, when you have lots of time!

Purchase here on Amazon:The President’s Shadow


The next book I re-read! I’m in a Christmas mood. Elin Hilderbrand is my FAVORITE author. I’ve read every book she has written and am starting on Winter Storms (the 3rd book in this “series”) this month. I can’t wait! Elin’s books are easy to read novels about adventures on Nantucket. If you’re looking for something to get you in a holiday mood, try her first Winter Series novel, Winter Street.

Best For: Reading on plane rides or vacations!

Purchase here on Amazon:Winter Storms 


An obvious choice. I’m a Harry Potter buff 😉 I tried to reealllllyyyy draw this one out, thinking it was the last ever, but I’d say a sequel is in order. A lot of my friends tried to fool me by telling me Harry died (spoiler – Harry doesn’t die!) and I thought I would savor the devastation, but they were thankfully incorrect. I’m ready to hop on a plane and see this play in London. Who’s with me?

Best For: Reading with a book club!

Purchase here on Amazon: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


I’m currently finishing up Maybe in Another Life. This one has been tricky for me. It was recommended by my friend Morgan and I can see why she thought I would like it (it’s an easy read, has a good plot line and characters you can relate to), but I think I relate to the characters too much and it’s just been kind of an “I don’t want to see what happens because this could be my life” kind of book. I’m going to give it a shot though and finish it..while reading Winter Storms because like I said, Elin just cheers me up!

Best For: Giving as a gift, reading on the weekends – don’t have to finish it all in one sitting

Purchase here on Amazon: Maybe in Another Life

That’s it for October! I have 4 books in line for’ll have to wait to see! Do you have any suggestions?!


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