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My Summer 2018 Bucket List

Sharing the items on my summer 2018 bucket list that I’m hoping to cross off over the next few months! 

A few years ago, I threw together a Nebraska Summer To-Do List. What a fail on my part! I’m not sure if I did many of them, and they were super obvious ones. This summer, I’m going a bit more in-depth and correlating my goals with my goal planner (what else would you expect of me if not uber-organization?).


I’ve been going strong at this goal in 2018! If you aren’t following me on Goodreads or using the Goodreads app, it’s changed the way I look at reading. I love to read reviews before I purchase a book and see if it’s anything my friends have already read or may have. Currently reading: The Nest


My friends introduced me to the “NE Passport” App last week and it’s actually got a lot of stops I hadn’t heard of! My favorite local coffee house is on it, but so are boutiques, restaurants, and outdoor places I have yet to check out. There are 70 total stops and if you visit certain amounts, you can receive deals and enter contests (for instance, a year’s worth of Runza). I will most definitely not be able to hit them all this summer, but maybe I can cross out 10 or so!


This has been on my bucket list for YEARS. I once did the 101 in 1001 days (GUYS this was in October of 2015 when I first moved to Chicago on some random blog I started and you can view it here because it makes me LOL), and I had it on my list. It’s been almost 3 years and I never did it!

Side Note: I love looking back at this list. I haven’t edited it in years because truthfully I don’t know the password to that account anymore, but I did so many of them and it’s so cool to see how far I’ve come. Almost all of the professional ones are done, I’ve golfed more times than I can count, I played in a tennis league, I can cook literally anything, I saw Wicked with my mom on a girl’s trip, and I feel really good about all of the personal section ones – I did them all.


The past two years my girlfriends and I have gone to the Ozarks and it’s my favorite place on Earth. I, of course, will go back this summer, but I also want to plan trips to see my college friend in Minneapolis and my high school BFF in Milwaukee. I need a day off to spend time with friends!


I have always wanted to become a runner, but done a really bad job of starting. If I sign up for a fall 10K, I’ll force myself to regularly run so I can prepare! My work is also starting a fitness challenge next week, so perfect timing!

What’s on your summer bucket list this year? Shoot me a comment below or a DM if you have any ideas for the above!

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