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Motivation Monday .01

Shirt: Hush La Boutique, Omaha | Jeans: Frame Distressed Jeans

Bag: sold out, similar new version here

Shoes: Tory Burch ‘Miller’ Flip Flop | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 58Mm Aviator Sunglasses

Every Sunday, I sit down with my planner and prep for the week ahead. My planner has two sections for prepping: a thought-provoking page and a goals list. There’s an in-depth question that always gives me major Monday motivation for the work week! As I was sipping on a mocha yesterday at Milady Coffee House (the cutest new place in Fremont, NE), I thought, “why am I not sharing this?!”

Everyone needs a little motivation, right?

(ignore my half-drank cafe mocha – but see how it still held the design?! Also the decor & FLOORS here – swoon)

This Week’s Motivation Monday Question:

What are some habits you have that help you to be more successful? What are some habits you see in others that you’d like to implement in your own life?

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

First: Define success. To me, success is being financially stable, organized and downright HAPPY with how my life is going. Being successful also means there is room for growth. So, what habits do I have that help me be more successful?

  1. Organizing. For starters, my planner. It helps me make lists and, friends, I am list-obsessed. I feel fulfilled when I can check something off. I start my day with organization: making my bed and checking emails on my phone.
  2. Planning ahead. What are some things you can plan ahead for this week? Wednesday is my golden birthday (wooo 24!), and I’m planning ahead for a little BBQ with my girlfriends. I also like to plan ahead my blog posts and my workouts (if possible). I was really good at this when I was going to Barre Code, but with my recent move to Fremont…I need to figure this one out!
  3. Spending time cleaning. This one might make you LOL a bit, but I am seriously more successful if my life is clean. Otherwise, I’m just thinking about how I need to clean. I feel a lot more put-together if my car is vacuumed, my clothes are put away, and my laundry is done by 8PM on Sunday evening.

What habits can I implement?

  1. Scheduling my Instagram and blog posts 2 weeks in advance. I’ve heard this is key for a lot of larger bloggers & I like the idea. I also like showing what’s happening now though and being timely, so it’s a balance I need to figure out!
  2. Waking up earlier. Rising early and getting more done is something I’ve noticed in top achievers. Using goal-setting as adrenaline.
  3. Our CEO once said a quote about using the weekends to get ahead of your competition and I loved it. Working when no one else is!
  4. Accepting failure. Sometimes I’m afraid to post something or go back and forth with my friends for their opinions. It’s important to understand that failure is okay and not everything is going to be something someone loves, but if it’s something I love, it’s fine if it doesn’t work.

What are you doing to be successful this week? I love seeing other #girlbosses and how they take charge of their lives.

Happy Monday!

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