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March Recap

Today I’m recapping the month of March. Get all the details on what I bought, watched, read and my personal favorite – changed in my home.

Clothes & Beauty Products I Bought:

Polka Dot Jumpsuit
Denim Jacket (this is similar to mine)
Target Wedges – Great Marc Fisher dupe!
Dry Shampoo
Purple Shampoo – My hair was getting brassy and my hair stylist recommended I try a purple shampoo.
Beauty Blender
Bridesmaid Dress (lol – thought I’d share this as a preview to the wedding I’m in this May because it’s super cute!)

Home Changes:

So, I redid a basement room and I wanted to show y’all before and after pictures because it’s INCREDIBLE. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen it already in my stories, but here’s the results. I am thinking about doing a whole post on my house transformations – thoughts?!

Isn’t this nuts?

Where I Traveled/Ate:

Did you catch my “Don’t Be Spring Broke Post“? I tried hard to NOT eat out or travel this month in an effort to save money.

Movies or Shows I Saw:

Last month I got Movie Pass, which I plan on writing a whole post about. I saw four movies this month – one I saw twice actually!

Every Day: This is about a person who wakes up in a different body every day. It’s definitely different, but I would say something to rent. My rating: 3/5 stars.
Hurricane Heist: I LOVED this movie. It’s made by the producers of Fast & Furious and similar in theme. My rating: 4.5/5
Tomb Raider: I am such a nerd and saw this twice. I didn’t realize it was made after a video game until after. It reminded me of National Treasure. My rating: 4/5
Midnight Sun: Oh, Bella Thorne. Everyone hates her, but I like her as an actress. This movie was so cliche and cheesy. My rating: 2/5 but good for a girl’s night, as it was captivating.

Netflix/Hulu Series I Watched:

Still finishing that old Project Runway season! I actually invested in the CBS App on my phone and I’ve been watching The Good Fight. It’s only four episodes in if you want to follow along with me! I highly recommend it for lovers of Law & Order or drama shows. It’s a spin-off of The Good Wife (an old favorite of mine).

Recipes I Tried:

It’s awful to say, but I didn’t try any recipes this month worth sharing. I tried a crockpot chicken thigh/potato/carrot medley that had a soy sauce topping and it was just meh. I’m not sure if I over-cooked it or it was the sauce, but I didn’t love it.

Favorite Blog Posts of the Month on Margaret Paige:

Reader Favorite: Why We Need To Embrace Minimalism
My Favorite: Beauty Blender vs Brush: My Thoughts After Switching

Favorite Posts of the Month:

15 Things Organized People Have in Their Homes 
Why You Need to Put Yourself First, Even if You’re in a Relationship – The Basics
I worked in three different environments for a month. Here’s what I found

Favorite Song on Spotify:

Full Circle by QuinnXCII

Books I Read/Am Reading:

I really wanted to read three books this month, but I only got two finished. Maybe I’ll have more time in April.
The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine
The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington
Glass Houses by Louise Penny

What’s On My Tending List for April:

I’ve been going to the gym 5/7 days a week and to a lot of cycling classes, so continuing this. I also plan on doing a 5K, going to bridal showers and bachelorette parties and trying to maintain a good nightly face regimen – which if I do, I’ll share!

Coming Up on Margaret Paige:

Gifting For Your Gals
Attending A Rehearsal Dinner? What To Wear
Bar Cart Styling

March was a fun month where I felt like I actually made progress on my goals! Thanks for following and supporting me 🙂


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