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Main Floor Bathroom Makeover – Week 6/7

Well… I’m calling this post weeks six and seven, because I officially missed the One Room Challenge deadline. I’m so impressed at those who were able to completely transform a space in just 42 days. The word “challenge” is definitely accurate! Even though I’m past the deadline, I’m going to keep sharing updates with you until I finish.

In the past two weeks, a lot has happened. We (my handy dad and I) were able to prime and paint the drywall, have the electrical finished, install the cabinets, purchase a mirror, light fixture and tile and prepare to start the flooring. Here are a few photos:

The cabinets arrived! There are three pieces – the middle and then four drawers on each side. I’m so excited about the amount of storage! I had these done at Unique Spaces Cabinetry and highly recommend Teri if you’re looking for custom cabinets for any space in your house.

Here are the cabinets inside the room – waiting to be fully installed! It’s a bigger vanity space than I previously had – it was 42″, now it’s 48″. I wanted more counter space and drawers. Functionality in this space is incredibly important because it serves as not only the main floor bathroom, but the main bath for the master bedroom and other bathroom on this level. One of the things I love about my house is that there is a bathroom on each level – I am selfish when it comes to my space!

Next up, I picked out the tile and mirror to go above the vanity. I also picked out a light fixture and Einstein bulbs to go in it. I have an Einstein bulb in the fixture above my sink, so it’ll provide a nice flow.

I chose black grout to go between the tile. I am all about all-white spaces, but want the floor to really stand out and contrast.

The mirror was a bit of a debate for me. I had the square mirror that was previously in the bathroom and contemplated putting it back up, but because this is such a prominent space (the location is at the end of the hallway, so you can really see in from multiple directions), I wanted something more unique. I found this circular mirror at Home Goods and knew it would be a good accent, plus it’s big enough to look in and do your makeup – important for me! You may remember in my original post I had a mirror picked with more detail. Fun Fact – it’s almost impossible to find an affordable mirror that is 36″ wide+ and has the curved detail on top. Circle > curved in this case!

Lastly this week, I painted the previous block window space in the sunroom with chalkboard paint. I have to do another coat, but I love how this turned out. I can’t wait to write fun messages on it.

So, that’s it for this recap! Left to:

  • Floor tile
  • Plumbing finished (toilet install)
  • Hang mirror/lights
  • Hang shower curtain rod
  • Decorate

This is all going to happen fast and I can’t wait! You can read all of my recaps here. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for an exciting surprise on the blog!

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