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#GetPumpedForHeartHealth With Self Care

Today I’m covering something a little different, but mega important. April is American Heart Association’s Move More Month – a time to recognize being heart healthy! I was so excited when Gordmans reached out to collaborate on showing how I #GetPumpedForHeartHealth! Throughout the month of April, Gordmans will be hosting activations and give back initiatives to raise money for American Heart Association.

This is a cause that’s close to my heart (no pun intended)! My grandpa has had two open heart surgeries and my aunt has had one. Knowing that those genetics run in my family makes me want to ensure I’m taking care of myself in the best possible way. Some times it seems a little frivolous, but self care is just as crucial as caring for others. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to be there in the long-run for someone else.

Here are four ways to show self care with some non-obvious details:

Get the best sleep possible.

Seems easy, right? Putting away our iPhones, wearing cute, comfy jammies (haha), sticking to a sleep schedule, and being in a dark space are always great tips – but you know what helps me most? The right pillow. I grabbed this cooling pillow from Gordmans and it’s amazing. There are so many statistics about sleeping better in a cool environment and how your head is the warmest part of your body. A cooling pillow makes complete sense. It was also less than $6 – run, don’t walk to your local store!

Making time to relax.

Don’t forget to pamper yourself. I share on my Instagram that I get monthly facials, but I also try to spend a bit of time each week taking a bath with Epsom salts, or doing a lavish skin care routine. It’s healthy to take care of you! I found these amazing exfoliating gloves at Gordmans. I’d seen a few people share posts about them and wanted to give them a try – you use them in the tub/shower to get your self tanner off completely or to just exfoliate your skin before a spray tan! #LookGoodFeelGood

Make spring food choices.

OMG I’ve been searching for a melon baller for SO long! I can’t believe Gordmans is where I found it – they had fun colored handles too! When I have fun kitchen gadgets, I want to eat healthier. This is great for cantaloupe and watermelon – summer is coming!

Switch up your workout.

Whether it’s a spin class or you’re finally able to get outside because it’s warming up (thanks Nebraska!), try something new with your workout. I’m trying to rotate between classes with weights and groove classes that get you up and off the bike more. I grabbed these leggings and fun pullover for under $20 at Gordmans.

So, how do you practice self care? I love that Gordmans is helping show self care for heart health. From April 1-April 30, if you show how you are pumped for heart health by posting a picture on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #GetPumpedForHeartHealth, Gordmans will donate $1 to the American Heart Association. If you want to find out more information about the Get Pumped For Heart Health campaign, you can here:


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