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First Job Advice + Fall Workwear Dress

First Job Advice + Fall Workwear Dress

First Job Advice + Fall Workwear Dress

First Job Advice + Fall Workwear Dress

First Job Advice + Fall Workwear Dress

First Job Advice + Fall Workwear Dress

Dress | Heels (on sale for $32 – I paid WAY more!) | Similar Heels

When I lived in Chicago in 2015, I wanted to start a blog. I actually tried. I launched a site and I published two posts: a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days (still probably my favorite post I’ve written) and a post about my makeup routine. The second one terrified me to share with the world. It was something I was more insecure about. I should have continued with the first post theme – life advice. When I started my blog this time around, I knew I needed to stick with what I know.

For being 24, I’d like to think I have a wealth of knowledge about jobs. I obtained my first job when I was 15; I was a busser at the Fremont Golf Club. I worked there for eight years in various capacities, and I loved it. I have had other jobs, though, and five internships. I am a serious go-getter when it comes to work. When I found my first job, in Chicago, I thought I knew all I needed to know. I was wrong. My dad gave me the best advice I’ve ever been given. I’m sure it’s been said a lot, but he deserves all the credit for instilling this in my head. “Your first job will never be your dream job.”

If it is, you’re lucky.

If it’s not though, here’s my first job advice:

Stick with it. The first few weeks might suck, but give it two months. Two months is a good benchmark for whether or not something is going good or bad. Two months will tell you if there’s a growth path, it’ll allow you to meet people you work with, and you’ll most likely complete your first project.

Success takes time. One of our Managing Partners gave a fantastic keynote speech at my work conference this month on Millennials and I sucked down every word: “Millennials want a purpose, cause and something that isn’t easily achievable.” How true is this statement? We want to know that we are making a difference, and that isn’t done overnight. You have to give your first job time.

If you’re unhappy, find something that makes you happy. If you are stuck where you’re at and you don’t have a positive mindset (positivity is one of my top strengths, but I know it isn’t everyone’s), find something you can do before or after work that will make you happy. Whether it’s a side hustle, a source of entertainment or just a daily walk to clear your thoughts, it’s good to have something to fall back on when you’re feeling down.

Lastly, your first job isn’t going to be your last job. If you truly know it won’t get better where you’re at, know that it will get better eventually. I was in this scenario, and now I am at a place I love. The key is to have perseverance!

One thing that keeps me going every day – and this may sound silly – is being prepared. Planning for the week ahead. Planning my outfits. The saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” stands true. The dress I’m wearing above is above my normal price point, but when I bought it, I was having a rough weekend and I wanted to remind myself that I’m successful already and I can splurge sometimes 🙂 If you have any first job questions – feel free to shoot me an email. I’m happy to give you some girl talk or advice! As always, shop the look above or below:


Photography By Chloe Gibson

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