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boss babe series Q&A on margaret paige: chloe gibson

Chloe Gibson: Boss Babe Series Q&A

It’s been a minute, but I’m back with a Monday morning post! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday – it’s always a blur when a holiday falls on a day during the workweek. I had to work on Friday and it felt like it should have been the weekend already!

Today I’m sharing a new series I think you’re going to love. Some of my favorite posts to read are those about careers and we have some amazing women in Nebraska who deserve recognition! I thought I’d start off with one of my personal favorite people, freelancer and blogger Chloe Gibson.

I met Chloe through a mutual friend in 2016. She was working in Omaha, commuting from Lincoln, and somehow fitting writing gigs in-between. I was immediately impressed with her drive and dedication! We originally did a collaboration in March 2017 actually! Chloe has since grown her business…which you’ll hear about below.

If you have any suggestions on boss babes to add to this monthly series, DM or comment below! I’d love to know who inspires you most.

Q&A with Chloe Gibson, freelancer & blogger at The Basics:

Q: Chloe, what did you go to school for?

A: I started out as a News/Editorial major in the Journalism College at UNL, but changed it during my 4th year (I was in school for five) to a double major in advertising and public relations and art. I soon realized the art piece of it was going to take forever so I dropped the second major to a minor. So, in short lol, I majored in ad/pr with a minor in art.

Q: What’s your current career and how did you get there?

A: I’m currently self-employed working as a creative freelancer. That can mean many different things, but for me it means doing a lot of writing, photography, social media strategy/execution, content development and management and general consulting on these topics. You can read a lot about my journey to get to this point here, here and here, but basically I knew pretty soon after I graduated that I needed to pursue a freelance path. I worked a few different office jobs in the marketing field and didn’t hate the work, but being in a corporate environment every day was very… challenging… for me.

I started going after freelance projects and opportunities in spring 2016. By the end of summer 2017 I was able to leave my office job and really focus on building my own business. To build my freelance portfolio, I essentially emailed and reached out to media outlets and people I admired to see if I could be of assistance. Eventually it landed me a large, ongoing contract, which is what really pushed me to the point of being able to leave my office job.

I also have my blog, The Basics, which is a small part of my overall work portfolio, but something I’m very passionate about and hope to keep building.

Q: Because a lot of my readers are early twenty-somethings still in college, what do you think you learned in college that is most helpful to your career now?

A: For me, I feel like the answer to this question is more so what I realized college didn’t teach me, which is to not be afraid of anything – judgement from others, venturing into the unknown and taking chances. Much easier said than done (I’m still working on it every single day), but I find when I do these things, success is much more likely to come my way.

Q: How many hours do you work a week?

A: OMG, it feels like a million lol. Here’s the thing about my kind of work – running your own business means doing a lot of work that you don’t get paid for. It’s much different than a traditional salaried or hourly office job. When I sit down to do emails, balance my finances, research potential clients, try to book new work, etc., I get paid for none of that. So the hours I get paid for and the hours I actually work vary greatly. In total, it’s probably about 60 hours a week give or take on average. The takeaway here is being self-employed is not as glamorous as it seems.

Q: Tips on balancing your career and your side hustle – blogging?

A: You have to make it a priority. It’s sooo easy to say you’re tired or don’t have time because you have to “focus on what pays you”. Trust me, those are two of my most common excuses. You also have to check in with yourself to make sure you’re still happy and passionate about pursuing whatever your side hustle is. If you’re not, time to move on.

Q: Describe your morning routine.

A: With the nature of my work, I have really flexible mornings. I’m more of night owl that a morning person (I desperately want to be a morning person, but haven’t been able to make it happen yet), so I tend to sleep slightly later than someone who might have an office job. I usually wake up around 8, check my emails and social media. Then dive into a few daily small tasks I have to do for clients. I’ll eat for the first time around 11 am and then workout or go to a workout class.

Q: How do you think social media is going to change over the next few years?

A: I think it’s only going to become even more integrated into how we function as humans on a daily basis  – if you can imagine it. It’ll give us more ways to consume and stay connected, so staying aware and willing to adapt is crucial.

Quick Questions:

Favorite social media platform? Instagram, but it’s also the worst. Lol.

Dream Collaboration? I don’t necessarily have a dream brand, but I’d love to create my own product or line of something in collaboration with a brand. I’d also LOVE to have a coffee table book one day.

Current Favorite Product? Skincare? Lapis facial oil by Herbivore

Who Inspires You? One of my clients – I won’t name her, but she works SO hard, built her own business and makes me want to kick ass every day.

Guilty Instagram Follow? @susiesaltzman – she’s a high-end jeweler and makes the most gorgeous rings EVER. I stumbled upon her account years ago and have probably liked every single photo ever since. Or anyone that’s been on the bachelor/bachelorette lol. I try not to follow those people unless they really appeal to me.

Interested in hearing more from Chloe Gibson (you should be!)? You can find her blog here, or follow her on Instagram here!

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