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Best Planner for 2020

Two years ago I discovered Powersheets, a goal planning system that actually works. I’ve used them in 2018 and 2019, so I can attest that they truly help you accomplish your goals. It’s the best planner for 2020.

I wrote this post last year on why Powersheets really work, so defer back to it for detail, but I’ll take a deep dive below.

What is Powersheets?

Powersheets make you think about what matters most to you and what you want to cultivate during the year. There are so many areas for growth – faith, finance, relationships, health… this planning system helps make each area’s goals realistic.

This intentional goal planner isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else and neither is the community that comes with it. Powersheets has 35+ pages of “prep work” where you are forced to sit down and think about yourself, your past year and what you want to change. Then, you can uncover and write down your goals for 2020. But – it doesn’t stop there. You write out an action plan for each goal. Unlike my prior planners, you don’t just review these goals each week – you have to take action on them. The Cultivate Team has a webinar to help everyone goal prep and sends out reminders via email. There’s also a Facebook Page with dedicated women like us who inspire and help each other with their planning. This is a good YouTube video that shows most of the pages this year with prep work and planning, but below I’ll share some of mine (plus I started thinking of goals).

What’s New This Year:

In previous years, Powersheets have been solely a goal planner – but in 2020 they’re an actual planner too! They now have monthly calendar pages, so you can map out your month too. I’ve always simultaneously ordered an Erin Condren Life Planner, but I’m going to try just using Powersheets next year.

This year there are also new covers – I picked the confetti. I like my planner to stand out 🙂 Here’s this year’s vs. last:

Getting Started Goal Planning

Once you’ve purchased your Powersheets, you can either dive right into planning for 2020, or wait for “prep week” when thousands of women around the world (literally) are planning together. This prep week is December 9-13 this year. I like to start a bit in advance because tackling that many pages in a short period of time is a lot, but that week is when I do the core of my planning. Here’s a post with all the details.

So, what are your 2020 goals? I’d love to hear and plan together! Save this post with the graphic below on Pinterest!

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