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Best Planner for 2018

Start the new year off right – I’m sharing the best planner for 2018!

Best Planner for 2018 | best-planner-for-2018

Every year since college, I’ve gotten a new planner for Christmas. Last year, I tried the Ink+Volt Planner. Read my initial review here. I set some lofty goals for 2018, but with the amount of change I had… I can honestly say I didn’t accomplish even half of them.

I’ve always been Type-A and very goal oriented. I abide by daily lists and my Wunderlist app. My planner integrates with my schedule, I even throw reminders like “put my trash out” in it each week. It’s truly taken me until age 24 to find out what I really needed isn’t a planner to write goals in, it’s a separate goal planner!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my recent stories about this, but if you don’t – you’ve got to keep reading.

Earlier this year, my blogger friend Nicole shared the Cultivate shop. She had purchased Powersheets and recommended them. After texting her last month and doing some extensive research (AKA watching this YouTube video), I decided to give Powersheets a try.

This intentional goal planner isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else and neither is the community that comes with it. Powersheets has 35 pages of “prep work” where you are forced to sit down and think about yourself, your past year and what you want to change. Then, you can uncover and write down your goals (TEN of them) for 2018. But – it doesn’t stop there. You write out an action plan for each goal. Unlike my prior planners, you don’t just review these goals each week – you have to take action on them. The Cultivate team has a webinar to help everyone goal prep and sends out reminders via email. There’s also a Facebook page with dedicated women like us who inspire and help each other with their planning.

I think that’s what I was missing: being accountable and prepared. Accomplishing goals is more than making lists. Sure, I thought about my goals weekly last year (some even daily), but I didn’t make them fit into my schedule. I also made a lot of them very surface-level. For 2018, it’s important to me to make goals that I know I can accomplish and that mean something to me -whether it’s ridding myself of toxic friendships or becoming more financially savvy.

I’m incredibly excited to make my 2018 goals next week! The one thing to note though is that Powersheets is NOT what you’ll use for your week-by-week planner – it’s separate!

What planner should I use with Powersheets?

I struggled with what I wanted to coincide with my goal planner. With it being $55, I wanted something economically feasible. In the past I’ve used:

Erin Condren: I loved using Erin Condren planners (I used for 2/4 years of college) and how colorful and customizable they are. They also have a great vertical layout – my planning necessity. However, they’re also a hefty price.

Emily Ley: I used Emily Ley’s daily planner my senior year of college. If I’m being honest, I had a lot of cons for it. The pages were very thin, so the ever-favorite Papermate pens show through, the binding doesn’t stay in place well (carried in my backpack daily) and it was THICK. I know that’s anticipated with 52 weeks/daily… but it was like carrying a textbook.

Lilly Pulitzer Planner: I wasn’t a fan of this because of the horizontal layout, but I think it would be very cohesive with the Powersheets! It’s fun, colorful and has the right resources to align with Powersheets.

Day Designer/Blue Sky for Target: Target has seriously stepped up their game in the planner collaboration department! Not only do they have a line with Blue Sky and Day Designer (per last year), but with May Designs as well! I went with a BlueSky planner as my choice for 2018! It’s $15 and has a great vertical weekly layout 🙂

If you think Powersheets might be what you need for 2018 – which trust me, it is – order by this Wednesday and you’ll get it by New Years! This post isn’t sponsored or promotion, I just seriously think this could help and I love the message the Cultivate team gives.

So, what are my goals for 2018?

I don’t know yet, but I have the best planner for 2018, so they’ll be written in it soon! So far, I’ve made my Pinterest inspiration board… check it out here.

What are your 2018 goals? Comment and let me know!

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