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Before & After: My Breakfast Nook Renovation

My breakfast nook renovation is finished! I am so excited to share this small space off my kitchen with you, including before & after photos.

Eight and a half months later, my breakfast nook renovation is COMPLETE! Thanks to iPhoto, I’ve been able to track the slow but steady progress made on this small space. I am my own worst critic, so I’ve been hesitant to share demolition/progress photos, but the transformation is BIG. I’ll share where we started and hopefully, if you’re in the middle of any kitchen changes, this will help guide you!

Here’s the first photo from the original listing. It’s a lot to take in, but I loved the layout and saw potential! Looking back I don’t remember what I was envisioning exactly, but the first project we (my parents and I) did after I moved in was remove all of the wallpaper…

Note the layers of wallpaper: border, blue floral, border, and stripe. My dad has officially started the hashtag #banwallpaper. Here’s some photos I took after getting the keys:

Here’s my mom with what was underneath the wallpaper…

Oh, did I mention it was also on the ceiling? That was a task! I bought a wallpaper steamer that we used to make the job much easier.

After all of the painting (including the cabinets – more on that here), I originally planned to keep the same floors and work around them; however, after installing a new stainless steel dishwasher, I realized they weren’t secure under the cabinets and the linoleum was peeling up. So…

I ripped up two layers of linoleum and had to scrape the sticky glue underneath off. The original wood floors ARE underneath everything, but it would have taken me another 10 months of scraping…

I tested Goo Gone in one spot (by the cabinets) and it kind of worked, but that small spot took an hour alone.

We installed a vinyl tile (purchased at Menards) that clicked in – very easy and would highly recommend if you’re looking for a medium price range for flooring that resembles tile. What a change!

A new window definitely changed this space!! I also reverted back to the trim/baseboards that match the rest of the 1927-era of the house and chose thick wood. All of the doors now match, as the kitchen is truly the only space that screamed “70’s-80’s”.

I am beyond thrilled about how it turned out! You’ll notice in the first image at the top the grate against the wall is original – the gold. I wanted to bring back as many original elements, yet modernize the space. I think it’s a lot more functional – and a buyer will be more attracted!

My final project for the breakfast nook will be styling and decorating. I picked out the cutest chairs at Target and can’t wait to add them + a bistro table! Thanks for reading/viewing all the photos, and if you’re doing any renovation, keep me posted!

Shop the space and vision here:

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