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Barre Code vs Pure Barre Review | Margaret Paige

Barre Code vs Pure Barre

Last month, a Barre Code studio opened up in my neighborhood. Being a former lover of Pure Barre, I was anxious to try it out. I was nervous, though, because I thought it was more “high intensity” than PB. Barre Code-West Omaha had a week of free classes and I attended 3, then I bought a month package. I’m about to go to my second month, so I can fully give you the low down on Barre Code vs Pure Barre.

Barre Code

Barre Code IS a little higher intensity than Pure Barre, but it depends on the class you take. My studio offers a variety of classes, which I love. Aside from the regular Barre Code class, you can attend TBC (friends, this stands for TOTAL BODY CARDIO, it is not The Barre Code shortened.. I messed that one up & ended up in a cardio course 🙂 ), HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and BarRestore (half Barre, half stretching – so much relaxation). Each 50 minute class is different. I have taken over 15 classes and I still have yet to do the same routine. I love the variety I get at Barre Code.

Pure Barre

I’ll never get “shaking is changing!!” out of my head! I love the motivation I had during Pure Barre and the instructors give more of an effort to go around the class and make sure you’re doing the routine correctly. You also utilize less workout tools (a small ball, a strap and weights) than you do in Barre Code. I took two months of Pure Barre while in Chicago and really found it was a de-stressor from work.

Barre Code vs Pure Barre Differences:

Intensity Differences: Barre Code is more intense if you take TBC or HIIT. During a regular Barre Code class, I noticed I am a LOT more sore than I was when taking PB. You use more muscles in Barre Code and will notice it the next -few- days! Pure Barre is more relaxing and is done on carpet, while Barre Code is on a mat-like surface.

Routine Differences: Although you focus on the same body elements, you hit more of your less-used muscles in Barre Code. I notice more use of weights in Barre Code and I feel toned quicker. They both utilize the barre in the same way and most of the barre routines are the same. Barre Code does more stretching at the barre, though. Pure Barre does a better job with ab work and uses mats against the wall underneath the barre, while barre code does most ab work in the center of the room as a group.

Wrapping it Up

I laughed writing that because Barre Code always says “wrap it back, wrap it back” when doing routines at the barre and moving your legs back. To “wrap it up”, I am sticking with Barre Code. Although Pure Barre seems to have more of a cult-following, I think Barre Code is priced better and I get more out of it! This is all a personal preference, though, and I have friends who instruct and LOVE Pure Barre. 

Which do you prefer? Why did you make that choice? If you want to try Barre Code-West Omaha with me, use the code FREECLASS (no this isn’t a promo- they literally just have that for your first class 😉 ) & sign up online here

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