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April Recap

Today I’m recapping the month of April. Get all the details on what I bought, remodeled, watched (I saw EIGHT movies) and changed – including my skincare! 

What I Bought:

I just got this $10 swimsuit in the mail and this flowy top. I’ve linked some more I like below! These shoes are a brand my mom usually wears, but I love the espadrille flat look. I wanted a pair of summer mules for work and these were the perfect price point. I ran a 5K and bought shoes before; smart, right? I thought this pair of Brooks was a good deal!

Beauty Products I Added to My Routine:

I had heard amazing things about Drunk Elephant from both my friend Morgan and the blogger Lauren Kay Sims. I decided to try a sample size kit of the TLC Night Serum and the Marula Facial Oil. I will do a full review on these soon, but I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin. I also incorporated the Glo Skin Beauty Renew Serum to my routine. I could rave about this product for days – I literally put a drop on at night on a blemish and in the morning it’s gone. It also smells like cherry. If you get anything from this post, buy this serum!!

I also did a little Ulta haul in April. My blogger friend Caitlin talked about this hydrating shampoo in one of her videos in March, and it was exactly what I needed. My purchase was verified when another blogger gal, Ember, told me she used it. It feels tingly – weird, I know – when you put the conditioner on, and it has helped with how dry my scalp has been in the (fingers crossed it’s gone) winter. My other Ulta purchases included the Drybar Triple Sec (a cult fave), Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment (something I’ve loved since high school) and a new product – the Mario Badescu Facial Spray in the Lavender scent.

Home Changes:

I’m working on finishing my kitchen remodel this month! I picked out the flooring and the wainscoting I want, and I’m working through how to re-do my stove area. I can’t wait to share the final results! I keep forgetting to post update photos and videos, but I’ll strive to do this on Instagram more regularly.

Where I Traveled/Ate:

I didn’t travel anywhere in April, but I did try some new food places! I ate at Kith & Kin for brunch and had the chicken and waffles. The chicken was a little spicy, and the coffee was expensive for me drinking one cup (it was like $5). I would go back and try the dinner menu, but I won’t be back for brunch. I do love the atmosphere, though. It’s in the location Paragon used to be at in Dundee, and the ambiance is 10/10.

Movies I Saw:

MoviePass just changed their terms of service and you can now only see a movie once. This isn’t really a problem for me, but it has shaken up the MoviePass Chatter Facebook page I am on! I saw 8 movies this month! New record 😉

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony: This was definitely a movie I wouldn’t have seen had I not had MoviePass. It was suspenseful and I wasn’t sure how the plot was going to unfold, but it was actually really good. I do thing it drug out, though. I would give this a rating 6.5/10 (I previously was doing 5 stars, but I like out of 10 more because I’m getting to the point where I’ve seen so many movies and want to differentiate accurately for you).
Blockers: Blockers was a feel-good, hilarious movie. I would have seen this one twice, had someone asked me to go again. It’s worth renting for sure! I would give it 8/10.
A Quiet Place: So many people loved this movie, but I wasn’t one of them. I don’t know if it was the plot or the fact that I saw this on the opening Saturday night and my theatre had so many 13-year-olds in it (like 30 of them). I just found so many faults. The biggest one bugging me is that they had to live silently, but corn was planted and growing in perfect rows?? There was no way they could have used machinery? It did have good actors and I loved that they incorporated someone who was deaf – very cool. I would give this 5/10.
Ready Player One: I LOVED THIS MOVIE! I went in with low expectations, given I hate animated movies, but it was so good! I would purchase this and watch it over and over – but warning, it is two hours long! Rating: 9.5/10.
Love, Simon: Great story and acting, kind of drug on when you knew what was going to happen. This was a feel-good movie that you should rent if you didn’t see it in theaters. Rating: 7/10.
The Miracle Season: I literally cried this entire movie, haha! I couldn’t stop. This true story took place in Iowa my senior year of high school, and it’s about a senior volleyball team. I didn’t play volleyball, so I can’t judge if the “playing” they showed was accurate, but it tugged at my heart strings. Great movie for girl’s night. Rating: 7.5/10.
Truth or Dare: Holy weird ending. This movie was the best “scary” movie I saw this month. Lucy Hale has improved since PLL and I think you should rent this one, too. Rating: 6.5/10.
I Feel Pretty: Amy Schumer has me reinvested in her movies, as I liked this a lot better than the one where she was kidnapped with her mom. I laughed a lot and the message was good, but there were also some things I didn’t like. Even though she sends the message of knowing you’re beautiful no matter what you look like, she reiterates that you definitely should be a size two to be “undeniably beautiful”. :/ Rating: 5.5/10.

Netflix/Hulu Series I Watched:

I didn’t watch Netflix this month, but I did catch up on Riverdale (CW App) and Criminal Minds (CBS App). I’m also still watching The Good Fight on CBS on Sunday evenings!

Favorite Blog Posts of the Month on Margaret Paige:

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Favorite Song on Spotify:

2002 by Anne-Marie

Books I Read/Am Reading:

In April I finished four books, all of which I loved. I’m going to do a full review this week, because they deserve it!

What’s On My Tending List for May:

May is going to be crazy! It’s my 25th birthday month, I’m traveling to Dallas for a wedding and after Dallas, I’m headed to Vegas for a conference! I did a 5K last weekend, and I really want to keep up with running.

Coming Up on Margaret Paige:

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April was busy and I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but it was a reminder that I need to take more time for myself! Hope you have a great May!

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