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6 Months With My Peloton: My Favorite Rides and Recommendations

Sixth months with my favorite thing flew by. I’ll start this post by saying my Peloton is of the best things I’ve ever purchased. I’ve done 100+ workouts and I look forward to getting after it now, plus it’s easy to keep track of everything on the bike and in the app. In my one-month post, I shared why I love it, and those reasons still stand.

My only con so far – and you’ll laugh at this – is it’s SUPER HARD TO MOVE. When I moved in June I had two guy friends move my Peloton Bike and it was a struggle. The thing is heavy. It now sits in my home gym (a bonus of the new house) and it isn’t going anywhere! If you order one, be sure you know where you want to put it right away. Stairs are not ideal.

So, let’s get into my favorite rides and workout recommendations. If you aren’t interested in purchasing a Peloton Bike, but you’re looking for a new workout regimen, you can actually just buy the Peloton App monthly (via the Apple Store on your phone) and stream workouts from any workout bike, treadmill, etc. or use it for strength training, outdoor runs, yoga and even meditation. I use the app regularly.

My Favorite Peloton Rides

This is a wide variety of fun rides that you definitely have to try! I base my best rides off of difficulty (I LOVE hard spin classes, but not like Olivia Amato hard – sorry girl), music selection and motivation. I need an instructor who keeps me in the ride the entire time and puts me in a good mindset.

  • Hannah Corbin’s 30 Minute Pick-Me-Up Ride from 9/21/19 – Loved this for uplifting music and just motivating you to start the week. Do this on a Monday.
  • Jess King’s 20 Minute Trap Music Ride from 8/19/19 – You had me at trap music, Jess. I have every trap music ride bookmarked but this one was a good hype sesh.
  • Matt Wilper’s 30 Minute The Chainsmokers Ride from 8/29/19 – I am a big EDM lover (Jess King actually does a lot of EDM) and a big Matt fan. He’ll push you and make you sweat.
  • Robin Arzon’s 30 Minute Lizzo Ride from 8/2/19 – Lizzo, need I say more? HYPE ME UP.
  • Cody Rigsby’s 30 Minute Backstreet Boys Ride from 5/17/19 – This one’s a given and EVERYONE raves about it. Bring back the Millennial album, Cody.
  • Ally Love’s 45 Minute Feel Good Ride from 4/14/19 – I wish Ally would bring these Sunday evening rides back! They were my favorite. I’m an evening rider, so I really enjoyed doing them live. You are truly going to feel good and get a good workout. Apparently she’s starting “Boss Rides” on Wednesday mornings, so I’ll be trying those out and we’ll see if they’re as good. They’re only 20 minutes, so I’m going to have to add another 30 minute ride on after to meet my daily goals.
  • Cody Rigsby’s 30 Minute Groove Ride from 2/27/19 – If you’re looking for a Soul Cycle vibe, groove rides have tap backs and moves. I liked this one over others.

Every Thursday I’ve started to do a 45 Minute Intervals & Arms Ride either from Ally Love or Cody Rigsby and I recommend them all. Ally tends to have more arm segments in the ride, but Cody’s arm segments are longer. When I look at intervals and arms rides I want at least 10-15 minutes of the ride to be arm workouts, so 3-4 breakouts in Ally’s are my preference vs Cody usually does two.

My latest ride recommendation is Jenn Sherman’s 60 Minute Football Pregame Ride. It was my first 60 Minute Ride and it was killer. I hit a lot of PR’s in this one. Apparently they’re going to keep going all of football season, so I’ll probably continue to do them. Jenn mentioned looking at your output stats now and at the end of the season and comparing, and I like that mentality.

I also have a few Cody rides I’ve seen on the Official Peloton Facebook Group I bookmarked. Cody talking about Halloween costumes? Need to do that class.

Peloton Yoga Recommendations

I really love all of Kristin McGee’s yoga classes. I cannot get into male yoga instructors (sorry men), and she is super relaxing. Try:

  • Kristin McGee’s 20 Min Restorative Yoga from 9/19/19 at night or after a long, stressful workday
  • Kristin McGee’s 20 Min Yoga Flow from 7/3/19 for a good stretch

Peloton Running (for beginners) Recommendations

Although I don’t love Olivia’s cycling classes because they are HARD, I love her running workouts. Her Walk + Runs have great music. I also love Robin’s 20 Minute Beginner Interval Runs. I usually hit 2-3 miles distance on them and feel like I accomplished something. Any of her runs from 2018 are good.

As I mentioned, I’m still 100% sold on my Peloton and I could chat about it for hours. I use another blogger, Lake Shore Lady’s, workout planner to map out and keep track of my workouts. I like to look at the end of the month and see how many I actually did that I planned. Because the Peloton is pricey, I want to ensure I’m utilizing it. Another thing I love about the Peloton Community is the monthly challenges. October has a 30-Day Challenge to do one workout/day and I’m going to hold myself accountable to it.


What are your October fitness goals? I hope this post was helpful or motivating! Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing a Peloton, too, and I’ll get you a $100 off referral code! 🙂

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