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4 week challenge: how I'm staying motivated

4 Week Challenge: How I’m Staying Motivated

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my story about the 4-week fitness challenge I’m doing at iThinkFit. Today I’m sharing all the details and how I’m staying motivated!

Remember when working out was fun? LOL, me neither. Two weeks ago, I started a 4-week challenge at iThinkFit Gym (in Omaha). To complete the challenge, you need to lose 4% body fat. I won’t even share what % mine started at (yet!), but I was pretty discouraged. It’s been a rough 15 days, but here’s what’s kept me motivated to finish:

The hardest part is getting to the gym.

Having an accountability partner has helped me the most. My officemate is also doing the challenge and we’ve been bugging each other on a regular basis. We go to 30 minute-1 hour classes that are done in partner format and in circuits. Each day is a different theme – HIIT, arms, legs, athleticism, etc. The variety makes me want to go each day – it’s harder to want to skip!

Find a time and stick to it.

I’ve been going over lunch, and I think the mid-day workout has also helped me want to go. I need the break in my day!

Find a new food you love.

I am now obsessed with salmon. The gym gave me a nutrition plan and one of the recommendations was salmon. I didn’t know how I felt about it at first, but now I eat it for almost half of my meals!

Results are addicting.

This speaks for itself, but seeing results is encouraging! To be honest, I skipped the mid-challenge weigh in, but I have been checking my progress myself and it’s working!

What are your workout tips? What keeps you motivated in the long-run? I just renewed my gym contract for 3 more months, so cheers to this journey!


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