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Why I'm Single And Got a 7-Passenger Vehicle | Margaret Paige Nebraska Lifestyle Blog

Why I’m Single And Got a 7-Passenger Vehicle

Here’s my most random post yet! Most of the bloggers I enjoy following I like reading about their daily lives, so I thought why not share something about mine? Earlier this month, I purchased a 7-passenger vehicle. I put a snap on my Instagram story of the inside of my new SUV and got a lot of questions about what kind and brand of vehicle I picked.

So, what did I decide on after about six months of car shopping? A Ford Explorer. Therefore, I’m sharing why I’m single and got a 7-passenger vehicle.

OK so technically, this isn’t a 7-passenger vehicle, it’s a 6, because it’s the “sport version”, but I could totally fit three people in the backseat 😉 . I previously had a Volvo XC60 and I was ready for something bigger. I LOVED my Volvo, and I’m still a little sad about losing it, but my new vehicle has more pros than cons. I don’t have any kiddos to haul around – or even a significant other – but here’s why I got a bigger vehicle:

 1. Ground clearance. I feel so much safer when I’m up high. I commute daily to work, which means safety is a priority. If there is snow, ice or an accident, I’m at such an advantage. I now have 4-wheel drive, too!

2. Storage solutions. The Ford Explorer beat out many other vehicles I tested in storage capacity. The trunk actually is lower than the back seats for ample room, and it feels safe to store valuables (like if I hide a purse or computer in the car). The seats also fold down completely so my golf clubs can fit vertically OR horizontally.

3. I can haul around my friends. So cheesy, but I’m always the designated driver – even if we aren’t going to the bars! Living in a smaller town, we like to venture to Omaha to grab dinner or do something we can’t do at home. It’s super inconvenient to take two vehicles, and I like to have control and drive.

So, it’s okay to have a big “mom car” when you are single. I think it’s better! I’d love to hear if you have or had an Explorer and what you liked about it. So far I’m loving my navigation (my Volvo didn’t have a screen), my heated steering wheel and my bucket seats in the second row the most!



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