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Resolutions To Stick With + Floral Work Top

Statistics show only 8% of people ACTUALLY complete their New Year’s resolutions. The probability that you’ll even make goals is 50-50. Today I’m sharing resolutions to stick with and a work top you need to show up in the office wearing in 2018.

Resolutions To Stick With + Floral Work Top | Margaret Paige Lifestyle Blog

Resolutions To Stick With + Floral Work Top

Resolutions To Stick With + Floral Work Top

Welcome, 2018! I’ve been preparing for this day since December 4th when I got my goal planner. I somewhat hated titling this post “resolutions” though, because that has such a negative connotation. The statistics that you’ll actually complete your resolutions are not in your favor – only 8% of people do. So, let’s call them something else. Let’s reiterate that they are goals.

Because the probability of success goes up when you write your goals down, I started with two blank pages in a notebook – a left and right side. On the left side, I wrote down all of my ideas. On the right side, I cleaned it up a bit and listed 10 2018 goals.

With the help of that planner (sorry for obsessing over it – #notsorry), I conquered this in categories. I’ve found I need to focus on five categories this year:

finance, faith, work, fitness & health, and friendship

I’m sharing a few resolutions to stick to below that I think you’ll relate to.

Finance Goals:

  1. I’ve had multiple friends ask me about budgeting lately. I’d like to say I’m good at it or I go off a list but really, I’m just a numbers person. My brain can remember dates and numbers well, so although I do write everything out monthly that I have to pay, I just kind of do all the math in my head. I know when my bills are due (if they aren’t on autopay), and I can calculate in my head what I’ll have left for each section of spending. My main finance goals are to decrease my debt and increase my savings.

Health Goals:

1. This year, I’m focusing on me. This is my main goal – saying no to always going out and doing something and saying yes to staying in/bettering myself.

2. I want to use my gym membership 150x/year.

3. I am NOT a morning person, but I strive to be. I’m trying to wake up earlier – by 6:15a.m.

Faith Goals:

1. Stick to my lent goals. I don’t know what that will be yet, but this is some really positive, premature thinking!

2. Do my daily devotional at least half of the year. This is the devotional I use now and this is one I plan to purchase in 2018.

Travel Goals:

  1. I’ve still never been to another country, and that was a goal for 2017 I didn’t check off. I am headed to Canada this year for sure, but hope to make it to more than one country!

What are your 2018 goals? If you haven’t found a goal planner yet, check out my post here with recommendations.

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