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Ikea Hack: Coffee Table

Good morning and happy November! I seems like last week I was talking about my 2017 planner and now it’s got like 20 pages left. I think buying a house made summer fly by, and Nebraska has decided to glance over fall and send snow our way this week (ugh).

I have a fun collaboration coming up next week with some Christmas home decor, and it reminded me I needed to share my Ikea hack with you!

Before I even bought a home, I was evaluating what furniture I would need to buy when I moved in. Being Type-A, I had lists of what I wanted and didn’t want from my storage unit. I had the benefit of living at my parent’s house for a few months between my apartment and new home, so I got to offload what I didn’t want on my college brother 🙂 One of the things I gladly gave away was my old coffee table. I had a game plan…

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

That game plan involved this gold spray paint. I purchased this ikea coffee table and end table for a great price ($60), but it was all white. I know this ikea hack is all over the internet, but I hadn’t seen an in-depth “how-to” for the coffee table. Here’s a step-by-step plan of how to execute this ikea hack: coffee table edition.

1. Purchase Gold Spray Paint

Make sure you get a spray paint that has primer included, or you’ll have to prime first. I got this at Menard’s, and then when I ran out, Ace Hardware. This stuff does not last long, and I had to do 3 coats. I went through 3-4 bottles, and this particular spray paint ranges from $6-9 a bottle, depending on the store.

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

2. Lay out all the pieces

Ikea stuff sucks, and it comes in a million different pieces. I’m lucky and my parents have a machine shed, so I had ample space, but I would recommend doing this in your garage. Make sure you lay out cardboard underneath – this spray paint tends to spray loosely. You should also make sure all of the sticker tags are off each piece – I caught one JUST before spraying!

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

3. Spray the pieces

I sprayed the first layer and the sides I could reach on day one, then let them dry overnight. The next morning I did layer two, and that afternoon layer three/touch ups. It’s not the fastest drying spray paint, and I wanted to make sure it was coated well.

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

4. Find and coat the white board

The bottom shelf of this coffee table is just a plain white board – kind of like painted plywood honestly. I found this marble contact paper for $6 at Lowes. I put this over the top layer of the board and smoothed with a roller. My dad (thanks Dad!) then cut the sides with a utility knife so it was even.

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

5. Put the pieces together

Once the paint had dried (day 3), I put the pieces together. I used an electric drill. Ikea doesn’t think you need one, but I do. Especially to drill the bottom shelf in – if you’re going to do that (it does give you screws to). I am totally shocked that Ikea thinks you can just use a screw driver and make this stable!

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

Both pieces turned out awesome – they even look great in the machine shed office 😉

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

Ikea Hack: Coffee Table | Margaret Paige

And here it is with some fall decor in my living room! I also did an ikea hack of a desk. I have had lots of requests to see my new home, so I’m thinking an office tour is in order! My office is one of the only finished rooms so far. The carpet above will be going soon (there are wood floors underneath), and the kitchen remodel is in-progress!

Have a great rest of your week!

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    This is gorgeous Meg!!! Can’t wait to see your other projects!! 💜

    November 2, 2017 at 2:42 pm
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    […] do an “Ikea hack” and spray paint them gold, like my coffee table (if you missed that, read here). Just like the coffee table, the legs took three coats of gold spray paint and a large amount of […]

    January 12, 2018 at 2:09 am
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