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Motivation Monday .04 + Practicing Self Care

Motivation Monday .04 + Practicing Self Care | Nordstrom Black Top | Margaret Paige

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Hey friends and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine felt like I was constantly going. Omaha Fashion Week was Friday night & I had such a good time with a few local Omaha bloggers. I had met Nicole at a blog conference in Des Moines last year, but it was my first time getting to hang with Carielle and Shelbi, and we all clicked.

Saturday, some of my friends and I ventured around Fremont running errands (there was literally a girl’s trip to Walgreens haha) and ended up making plans to head to the Old Market that evening. I had never been to Hollywood Candy and if you’re looking for a wacky, fun place in Omaha – I definitely recommend! After, we saw The Glass Castle and I’ve never cried so much at a movie! I read the book last year and have passed it on to multiple friends since. If you haven’t read it before, pick it up here on Amazon ASAP. It’s heart-wrenching and based on a true story, which is nuts.

By the time Sunday came around, I was exhausted. I had to run to a UNL Tri Delta event with the new members & the drive wore me out. It was the perfect time to have a message in my weekly planner about self care.

How do you practice self care?

As someone who is always on the go, I struggle with this. I think it’s the reason I hate going to the gym or sticking to a schedule. I like to be spontaneous and getting into a consistent routine (aside from my job 🙂 ) is difficult for me! I truly need to remember there are things I need to make time for, even when time is hard to come by.

6 Ways To Practice Self Care:

  1. Housework. Don’t you genuinely feel better after you do the dishes? Have all of your laundry complete? Instead of letting things sit around and thinking “I’ll do that on Sunday”, it helps to do a little each day and make time for this.
  2. Writing things in your planner. I’m a visual (somewhat kinesthetic) learner and it helps me to remember things if I can write it down and see it. I’m more likely to do something if I am reminded of it multiple times a day.
  3. Skin care. I am so terrible at this. I don’t mind going to bed with makeup on, and I know that’s wrong. I need to wash, exfoliate, relax, etc…but I always think I could be doing something else. Wrong.
  4. Reading. I love curling up with a good book on my porch or sitting in bed before I fall asleep reading a few chapters.
  5. Daily Devotionals. If you’re skimping on going to church (which none of us should be, but life does happen), connect with God by reading His word and thinking on it.
  6. Cleaning your car. Decluttering your car is so simple, but it makes you feel so ready to go anywhere.

What are your self care practices? Share them in the comments below, I know I’m forgetting some important ones since this is a subject I need to work on ->


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