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“Adulting” in Pink

A few days ago I read this article from the Wall Street Journal, “How To Raise An American Adult”. Published by Ben Sasse, he talks about his own children and how he’s teaching them to be “fully formed, independent grown-ups”. Amen, Ben Sasse.

If you’re around my age (23), you’ve probably heard the term “adulting” a lot. This word has begun to be the norm for the Millennial generation. Got groceries? Adulting. Made your bed? Adulting. OMG, you vacuumed? Wow, you’re adulting!

I’m here to remind you this is not okay.

Whether you attended college or are in the workforce, if you’re above the age of 18, guess what? You’re an adult. You sure as hell better be “adulting”!

When did doing mundane things become how you “adult”? Acting mature, becoming financially stable and understanding the value of a dollar should not be thought of as tasks you make a big deal out of. Here’s a wake-up call to my peers: that’s life.

Let’s change the stigma. Stop #adulting, and start #living. I actually felt more confident about the term #yolo. It’s great that you’re proud of yourself for growing up, but it’s time to start viewing growing up as the norm.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to Minneapolis with my mom for a girl’s weekend, which I shared in earlier posts and on Instagram. We did a lot of dining and shopping. I was, with my mom; however, I purchased everything on my own. Some of my friends were shocked to hear this and thought, why would my mom not just shop for me too?

Well, friends, I’m 23. And I’m proud of it. My parent’s philosophy on life isn’t life-changing, as Ben Sasse says. They’ve just raised me to know that after I was out of college, I was on my own. I’m happy to show you all, through this lifestyle blog, the clothes, the home decor and the life experiences I take – that I have all made happen on my own 🙂

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