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25 Things To Do Before 25

In June 2015, I made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I’ve hit the year-left mark and I’ve been thinking about what I actually can accomplish in that amount of time! I turn 24 in May, so I wanted to narrow it down a bit and share a list of 25 things to do before 25.

The past year has really been “life-changing”. I moved from Chicago to Omaha and had a career change, which impacted a lot of my goals. I made my first list with almost a bucket-list thought process of things I wanted to do in Chi town. Now I’m thinking what can I do in Nebraska?

From just February 2016-now, I feel like I’ve grown up so much – making big life decisions does that to ya! 😉 As I’ve talked about time after time, I write my weekly reflections in my planner every Sunday. Last week my planner asked what success means to me. I really thought about the question. What does success mean to a 23-year-old girl? To me, it’s not just being happy. It’s knowing WHY I’m happy. Knowing that I have a job that I wake up wanting to go to each day and I can advance in. Knowing that I can be successfully debt free at 23 (that should be a hashtag!). Knowing that I have the ability and the financial stability to live my life the way I want. Being successful feels good!! The last thing I wrote down, though, was that success to me is accomplishing my goals.

I wanted to share my list with you in hopes you might start one. No matter what stage of your life you’re in, this is such an opportunity to look into the future. Let me know if you’ve done any of these/start one too! I categorize my lists in 6 sections: Personal, Professional, Family & Friends, Travel, Fun & Invest. #practicality, friends!


    1. Do my daily devotional (Solo: An Uncommon Devotional) every day for 1 month.
    2. Workout for 28 days straight (becomes a habit – I’ve been going to The Barre Code – West Omaha)
    3. Donate blood.
    4. Get my concealed carry license.


5. Take a coding class.
6. Start an MBA program.

Family & Friends

7. Put together a recipe book with my grandma.
8. Pay for my parents to go on a trip for their anniversary.
9. Go on a trip with my grandparents.


10. Travel abroad.
11. Go somewhere all-inclusive.
12. Go skiing out west (not Colorado).
13. Go to a concert at Red Rocks.
14. Go to Charleston, SC.


15. See a drive-in movie.
16. Go parasailing.
17. Run a 10k.
18. See Wicked with my mom.
19. Complete photo albums of all my college pictures (depressing).
20. Have a mint plant in my apartment & don’t kill it 😉
21. Can soup or veggies with my mom.
22. Get my first buck.


23. Increase the amount I put in my 401(k).
24. Donate monthly to church.
25. Invest in a Burberry trench coat.

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    Great to do list here Margaret, love that you are a active christian also… Be Blessed

    May 17, 2017 at 4:20 am
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