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    Fremont Nebraska Food Guide

    One of the ~ maybe ~ best parts about living in a small town like Fremont, Nebraska is that there aren’t as many food options, so I’ve 1. tried them all, and 2. I don’t go out to eat all the time. If you’re visiting, looking to try somewhere new, or just moved to Fremont, here’s a food guide to help!

    I’ve divided the Fremont Nebraska Food Guide into three sections – low cost options, medium price ranged, and upscale – which luckily, is still not a high-price. Have suggestions or additions to this list? I’d love to hear them! Reach out to me via a comment below or at my email.

    Low Cost – Grab a Bite or a Drink

    Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa:

    The Milady Coffeehouse – I’m starting my list with my favorite place in town! The Milady has great atmosphere, ample seating for studying, a group meeting, a coffee with friends, or a place to take your kiddos – they have a small play area towards the back. It’s picturesque. My recommendations: Apple Cider Chai, a Mocha, a milkshake, or an Italian Soda. If you’re looking for food, their chicken salad and pretzels are delicious.


    Sassafras Bakery – Sassafras has delicious breakfast pastries and desserts. They have limited hours, so check their Facebook page to see if they’re open. Recommendations: Cinnamon rolls or lemon bars.

    Zesto Ice Cream – Open a limited portion of the year (mostly summertime), Zestos is the best ice cream in town. Each week they have specials and their sherbet is the best. Recommendations: Oreo Hurricane, Signature Crunch Cone, Chocolate Malts, or Sherbet.


    Rise & Shine Donuts – Being that this is the only donut shop in town, there isn’t much competition! They have a wide selection, though. Recommendations: You literally can’t go wrong with any kind of donut.


    Gambinos – This is my favorite pizza in Fremont! Gambinos has 1/2 price larges on Mondays (making them about $7). There are always great specials. Recommendations: Aside from your basic hamburger pizza, try the Cheese Stick Pizza.

    Godfathers – Pizza buffet! Recommendations: Dessert pizza.


    Polymath Cybercafe – The best chicken salad in town! They also have soup, vegan sandwiches, and some pasta. Polymath is very underrated and I love everything I’ve tried!

    Irv’s Deli – Irv’s is a Fremont staple and has HUGE sandwiches!

    Medium Price Range

    Breakfast: Mac’s Cafe – Aside from Village Inn, I think Mac’s has the only breakfast in town! Great brunch spot with big portion sizes and low prices. Recommendations: Biscuits and gravy, omelettes, pie!

    Gringos Cantina – Easily my favorite restaurant in Fremont! Gringos meals come with a chips and salsa bar, and their mild salsa is delicious! Recommendations: Chimichanga, tacos, cheese frenchy, tortilla soup.

    San Ann’a – Great cheese dip (salty chips) and margaritas! They’re also known for their pizza.

    Anita’s Tortilleria – AUTHENTIC Mexican food! Pico de Gallo bar that is delicious beyond belief.

    La Hacienda – Great margarita specials! Kind of chain-y, but still decent mexican food.

    Taco Smack – Oh my yum! SO well priced and also very authentic. I love their beef tacos.

    The LA Fireproof Door – All about the burgers, tots, and American food groups! Also a great place to get a pitcher of beer for cheap with your meal.

    Huey’s Smokehouse BBQ – The best BBQ Fremont has!

    Ninja Sushi – Not only do they have sushi, but great hibachi and chinese-like options. I love the lobster ragoons and chicken hibachi.

    Brass Wok – Very hole-in-the-wall and drive-through pick up for Chinese food!

    Imperial Palace Express – This is in the mall, but my favorite Chinese food in Fremont. Skip the crab ragoons, though, they lack filling.

    More Upscale (but still affordable)

    Woodcliff Restaurant – Great options and flavor on everything. I prefer their chicken over steak, however. Always delicious drinks and appetizers.

    J’s Steakhouse – The best steak, soups, and some of the only pasta (aside from Applebees) you’ll find in Fremont.

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    Fremont NE Food Guide